Exploring Angkor Wat

Monday 28th March – Thursday 31st March

Miles over two days: 52

Angkor Wat is a collection of temples that make up the largest religious complex in the world, and it represents the pinnacle of the ancient Khmer civilisation. It is so important to Cambodian people that it is featured on their flag. You might say that it’s a pretty big deal! 

After a day’s rest we spent two quite intense days exploring the temples, with another day off afterwards – it was quite hard work cycling and walking in the heat. 

We visited a lot of temples and took a lot of photos. Here’s the highlights… 

Angkor Wat is the biggest and most well-preserved temple. 

Angkor Wat  
  Angkor Wat  
Angkor Wat 

Next we moved onto the Bayon Temple, which was one of my favourites. It was crowded with shambolic towers, each bearing a giant face. Walking through the ruined passages and doorways felt like being in a maze. Bayon Temple  

Bayon Temple  Bayon Temple 

Kravan Temple. One of the fun things about Angkor Wat is that you are allowed to climb up steep, crumbling steps and move through the temples as you want (within reason).  Kravan Temple 

In Banteay Kdei a female monk gave us a bracelet for “Happiness and long life”.  Banteay Kdei  

Banteay Kdei  Banteay Kdei  
Banteay Kdei 

Viewpoint opposite Banteay Kdei.  Viewpoint Banteay Kdei 

East Meborn Temple.  East Meborn Temple 

Another one of my favourites – Ta Som Temple. The older temples felt like true ruins, with collapsing structures and scattered stone everywhere. I loved that nobody had tried to clear the temples up too much. They seemed to be left as they’d been found as much as possible.  Ta Som Temple  

Ta Som Temple  Ta Som Temple  
Ta Som Temple 

Preah Khan Temple. Preah Khan Temple  

Preah Khan Temple  Preah Khan Temple  
Preah Khan Temple 

Carvings nearby the Terrace of the Elephants (not sure what temple this was actually part of).  Carvings in Angkor Wat 

Ta Prohm (apparently used as a set for Tomb Raider). The trees in this temple were amazing! Ta Prohm has been left in the jungle, and we walked around the temple to the throbbing sounds of the birds and the bugs.  Ta Prohm   Ta Prohm 

Ta Prohm  Ta Prohm  

This was an amazing and unmissable place to visit while in Cambodia. But if you get the chance to come here, remember…  Beware of monkey attack 



4 thoughts on “Exploring Angkor Wat

  1. These trees, having grown over the buildings, are really wonderful. Thanks for showing them 🙂
    (I don’t know why,… but I just was thinking about the name of the group “Stone Temple Pilots”, and that made me look for their wikipedia-article. Found out, that it didn’t deal with temples, and that it only was inspired by the STP-motor oil sticker…)

  2. Best place we’ve been so far! On my first tour we happened upon one of the temples completely empty. Had it completely to my self and only the gibbons swinging above. Angkor’s full of so many cool moments. Keep going!

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