From Kampot to Phnom Penh, in rhyme

The last two day’s journey have been pretty normal (ie boring) so to liven things up I will be relating them… IN RHYME. Enjoy!

Sunday 20th March

Miles: 61

Map: Kampot to Taeko

Map: Kampot to Taeko

At six I slithered out of bed

And shoved my helmet on my head,

Feeling tiny pangs of dread

          For the long, straight road.

We set off as the sun was low,

And said “Let’s make for Takeo,”

We pushed the pedals to and fro

          On the long, straight road.

Past the dusty market-place,

Past the girl with the smudged face,

Fully loaded, straight we race

           Along the long, straight road.

The children all call out to greet us,

Meanwhile the hot sun will beat us,

The only one to really meet us

           Is the long, straight road.

We are forced to stop our ride

When two motorbikes collide,

They both are lying on their side

           Upon the long, straight road.

I ask them both if they’re OK,

Of course they can’t tell what I say,

Eric says “Let’s be away,

            It’s such a long, straight road.”

The heat bears down, the heat bores in,

It grips my throat, it burns my skin,

And so I give a rictus grin

             To the long, straight road.

We’re here! We think we can desist

From cycling, but there’s just one twist:

The place we booked does not exist.

             There’s just the long, straight road.

We search Takeo FOR AN HOUR,

Underneath the sun’s full glower,

Christ I really need a shower

           And no more long, straight road.

We see another place we like,

(The owner chuckles at our bike)

The place we booked can take a hike…

           We leave the long straight road.

This place is nice, we are impressed,

(It’s the air con that’s the best)

And when, at last, I close my eyes to rest…



Cambodian countryside

Some mountains in the morning

Cycling Cambodia

Passing through a small town

Cambodian wat

Getting lost in Takeo, we happened to see a temple


Monday 21st March

Miles: 51


Map: Takeo to Phnom Penh

Map: Takeo to Phnom Penh

There once were two folks cycle touring,
On a road that was just slightly boring,
One said “Are we near?”
The other: “My dear…
“It’s still only eight in the morning!”   

One said, “Let’s visit this ruin,
“It’s on the way, so it’s a shoe-in.”
The other said “Yes,
“Why not digress?
“Sounds like a fun thing to be doin’.”

So they looked all around for the turning,
(All the while, their legs were still churning)
But there was not one sign
Of the turn at the time,
At least, that was, not to their learning.

One said, “I guess we’ll push on then,
“It won’t be too long until Phnom Penh.”
So onwards they went,
Though both did consent
That this route would not make their top ten.

As they got close the traffic grew dense,
Which would leave anyone a bit tense,
Cars were here, bikes were there,
And tuk-tuks – everywhere!
It both did and didn’t make sense.

After a few cries of “Oh Hell!”*
The cyclists found their hotel,
They lay on the bed,
Then went out and got fed,
That is that… all’s well that ends well!

*Nobody really said “Oh Hell!”


Cycling Cambodia

A nice shady bit of the road

Phnom Penh traffic

Traffic picks up as we get close to Phnom Penh

Cycling past the Independence Monument

Cycling past the Independence Monument


Phnom Penh monument

Roundabouts in Cambodia tend to have interesting monuments on them


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