From Nha Trang to Vinh Hai: rain roulette on the coastal roads

Cycling from Quy Nhon to Ho Chi Minh City: part two

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February

There are things you can do in Nha Trang, but we didn’t do them. We stayed here… Nha Trang beach … making inroads into the terrible tan lines. 

My tanned skin and never-seen-the-sun skin are so pronounced that if only I had a bit of sun burn I would look like a tub of Neapolitan ice cream. Two days on a beach has made me 10% less comical-looking.

We liked Nha Trang.Nha Trang beach  

Nha Trang beach 

Thursday 25th February

Miles: 34

 Map: Nha Trang to Cam Ranh 
The weather forecast showed solid rain for today and the next three days, but as it wasn’t raining in the morning we decided to set off. 

Just as we set off it started raining. 

We got drizzled on, rained on or poured on for two hours. Squelchy shoes, filthy bike, rain in the face. Bleh.

Cycling south of Nha Trang  

We followed a coastal road that would have been nice in the sunshine. Cycling south of Nha Trang 

Luckily we could opt to have a short day, and within three and a half hours were in Cam Ranh. We got a bit lost, but as a result stumbled across a really nice hotel. 

This hotel was our consolation prize considering the failure that was lunch. After walking for almost half an hour to find a restaurant that was open, we unknowingly picked a “hot pot” restaurant, and not understanding anything on the menu, ended up ordering a tiny portion of some kind of meat. I asked for rice in my best Vietnamese but the proprietor just laughed and shook his head.  Lunch in Cam Ranh 

We left, having spent an hour ordering, waiting for food and then cooking the tiny and expensive portion we had ordered… and of course we found a bakery with ready-made mini-pizzas and cakes ten metres down the road. Our second lunch was a lot better! 

Friday 26th February

Miles: 29

 Map: Cam Ranh to Vin Hai 
Yesterday we had been checking the weather forecast obsessively, hoping that it would change its mind, but there were still meant to be three days of rain. 

This morning Google had improved its forecast slightly, saying that there would be “Showers” all day. We discussed options and Eric did the classic cop out of “It’s up to you”, aka “If it’s the wrong decision, at least it was your wrong decision!” (I know his game.) I decided we would risk it, but sternly said that this was a joint decision. Eric said no it wasn’t.

We set off at 7.45. We were being rained on by 8.20.  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) “Oh great,” we said. 

But then the rain stopped by 8.40. And you know what? It didn’t rain again all day. We played rain roulette and WE WON. Well, technically I won as it was my decision.

I was especially happy because we would be cycling along a particularly beautiful stretch of road today, and I really wanted the visibility to be good. 

It was lovely. Here’s the best pictures from this beautiful part of the TL702.  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  

The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  

The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) 

The only peloton we’ve seen in South East Asia, overtaking us on a hill with many hellos and cheers. The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) 

If you want to find hidden, untouched beaches then this road is perfect.  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  

The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) 

We had our second puncture today, which was in fact due to our front wheel tyre wearing out. Exactly the same thing happened to our back wheel tyre just a couple of weeks ago. It seems that the Schwalbe Marathons had a shelf life of about 5000 miles for our tandem. 

The spare tyre was back in action. All hail the spare tyre!  Eric changes the tyre on the TL702 

Eric switched the back tyre to the front wheel so that our tough spare tyre could take most of the weight at the back. He’s very good.

A few more pics.  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  

The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702)  

The coastal road south of Nha Trang (TL702) 

Due to the possibility of rain we had decided on another short day, and stopped in a small fishing village called Vinh Hai, which has a very nice resort.

Descending to Vinh Hai.  


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