The Hot Spring to Vang Vieng: through the misty mountains

Cycling from Luang Prabang to Vientiane: part three 

Friday 15th January

Miles: 50 

The day began with glorious misty mountain views. 


As we stopped every few minutes for photos (at my insistence, which in the end led to some eye-rolling from Mr “Let’s not record the most amazing landscape we’ve ever seen”) we were passed by school kids on their bicycles. It’s funny to think that for some children, these are the views on the daily commute to and from school.


It was stunning… I loved it!


The mist deepened until we couldn’t see the mountains at all, and I wondered what incredible rock formations lay beyond our sight. 

We descended into Kasi, a larger town with wide rice paddies, and it seemed like we were leaving the Hmong villages behind.


Finally, my appetite was back, and we stopped for breakfast. The plain rice that yesterday had felt like sawdust, today tasted like heaven.

We left Kasi and rose again for just over ten miles through a wonderland… 


Then down we went again.

(Now there’s a view any cyclist can appreciate.)

Today I felt that we had seen views which rivalled the French Alps, which we cycled through in June, and had always felt were the best views we’d seen on our cycle tour/ever! The mountains weren’t as large, but their shapes were incredible, and there was something about the light shining through all of the green… it just looked unreal. 


We were cycling towards the notorious party town, Vang Vieng, which neither of us were interested in, so we stopped at a guesthouse a few kilometres outside, as we’d heard that prices in the town were much higher. We struck lucky with the Aliya Guesthouse, for a good price we got an enormous, well-furnished, very clean room, with good wifi and an on-site restaurant. 

Once we arrived exhaustion hit again. After three days with little food and some tough mountain cycling I basically had a huge calorie debt, and I was feeling it. Big dinner, Dioralyte, bananas and bed. I was much better the next morning. 


3 thoughts on “The Hot Spring to Vang Vieng: through the misty mountains

  1. What’s the temperature there at the moment?? Excited to cycle through Asia even more so from reading this post!!
    We cycled the French alps in July! We just missed each other 🙂
    – Elizabeth

    • When we were passing through the temperature felt a bit chilly in the morning, and then on a sunny day it would be feeling quite hot by 1 in the afternoon, so as good as you can ask for in SE Asia :). I think that this cooler weather will go on until Feb, and then it should warm up a bit x

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