Sukothai: wat wat wat?!

Cycling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: part three

Monday 30th November

Miles: 18

After a lie in until 9 o’clock – which felt amazing after quite a few 5AM wake ups – we pedalled the few miles to Sukothai Historical Park, which is home to a large number of ancient wats (temples).

Sukothai was the capital of Thailand in the 12-1300s, and is regarded as being central to the flourishing of art and culture within Thailand all those centuries ago. The historical park is a large square containing lots of beautiful ruins, which, due to its size, most people view using a bicycle or a car. 

We cycled round admiring the views and I took something like 120 photos (what is known as a “mum” level of photos). I then deleted about 70. Out of the final 50, here are the best.


After we’d had lunch there we headed to the nearest Big C (supermarket) to get some breakfast for tomorrow. There was an ice cream parlour there, which gave us a brilliant idea. Let’s eat some ice cream! 

It’s great being so easily pleased.   

Tuesday 1st December

Miles: 26

Today we tried to visit Ramkhamhaeng National Park, which lies just a mile or so beyond Sukothai Historical Park. There was curiously little reference to it in on the internet, though it did have a campsite and a restaurant, so I thought we would be OK turning up there. However, when we found the entrance it had a big sign saying “Army Training Camp”. There was also a soldier standing guard. Hmm. We decided not to go there after all. 

We regrouped with some lunch (I tried out the local speciality, Sukothai noodles – glass noodles with lime, peanuts and sugar) and then decided to do some more ruin spotting. We had accidentally missed a couple of the really famous monuments yesterday, as they were situated outside of the park, so we went off in search of these.   


And the famous long-fingered Buddha.   

The rest of the day was spent eating and blog updating. Back on the road tomorrow. 


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