Plitvicka Jezera: the Croatian waterpark wonderland

Thursday 16th July

It’s funny how exhaustion can have a delayed reaction. Last night we felt fine and slept well. We woke at 7, had breakfast, relaxed for a few hours, and then at 10AM had a hankering for a snack. We went to the campsite mini market, and as I walked in I suddenly started feeling lightheaded and strange. I don’t think Eric felt that much different. He bought a bag of cookies and a Snickers bar. I bought a packet of bacon-flavoured Tuc biscuits and a 65gr bar of chocolate. We sat on the grass by our tent and devoured, and the world went back to normal again. 

Was it seeing the food that triggered feelings of exhaustion? Or allowing ourselves to relax? Or did we just run out of energy? Don’t know… interesting though. Next time we have a big day we will obviously need more calories at the end of it. 

I’m not trying to say that exercise the point of feeling lightheaded is a good thing… but it was quite fun to scoff a packet of biscuits and a bar of chocolate “for the sake of my health”. 

Anyway, we took the bus to Plitvika Jezera water park today. The place is made up of a series of lakes on several plateaus, which cascade into their neighbour below via a lot of pretty waterfalls. We walked about, had some lunch, an icecream, another icecream (for the sake of my health), took a whole lot of photos, lay about in the shade, had a snooze and then got the bus back. 

Here’s the best pictures (this place is lovely).

The water is crystal clear and full of fish. Some parts of the water were so clear that it looked like the fish were floating around in midair. We saw perch, pike, fresh water shrimp (looks like a pale lobster) and European salmon. There were also lots of butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies darting about in an idyllic fashion. 

       We bought a two day ticket, so saw half of the park today and will see the other half tomorrow. 

Friday 17th July

Day number two at Plitvika Jezera… this time we saw the biggest waterfall in the park.

A top-down view of a few of the lakes (Eric stepped over a railing and stood on a rather frightening edge to take this photo. I was behind him with a raised pulse saying ‘Be careful, it’s just a picture!!’).

Some more…

After walking around and taking a gazillion more photos (mum, I am turning into you) we hired out a little boat for an hour… and I took some more photos.


Row boat chique.


The only vaguely negative thing I can say about this park is that no swimming is allowed. As I looked out across the perfectly clear, cool lakes in the scorching heat, it was hard not to think “CANNONBALL!!”. However it does make sense that you can’t swim in the lakes; if everyone was splashing each other, gobbling in the lake and lounging about in bikinis and speedos it would ruin all the Magical Nature. 

When we arrived back at the campsite we got talking with a couple from Germany who are also on a year long cycle tour, mostly around Eastern Europe. In the grand tradition of British social awkwardness we didn’t find out their names, but we had a nice evening swapping cycling stories and getting some tips for Bosnia, our next destination…


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