Our stay in Saint-Jean-De-Luz

Tuesday 21st April

Miles: 10

After a relaxing day in Biarritz, we traveled the 10 miles to Saint-Jean-De-Luz, where we had booked an apartment for a few days. Those 10 miles turned out to have more ups and downs than an episode of Days of Our Lives, plus there was a back wheel puncture thrown in too. We were both quite exhausted when we arrived.

We were met by our host, a very friendly man who squeezed our cheeks and told us we had “Seen the sun”. For the rest of the day we unpacked, relaxed, washed our many dirty clothes and ate a good dinner. It was very nice to be domesticated again after a week on the road.

Wednesday 22nd April

Miles: 0

A lazy day. The weather was cloudy with showers, so we did some exploring around the town centre of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. It’s super pretty, all done in the old Basque style.

I learnt a little bit about the place today: in the past (19th Century ish) it was constantly flooded by the sea and the town was in serious decline, until good old Napolean gave the go-ahead for some massive sea walls to be built, which are still fortified every year today.

We also saw an excellent teenage brass band, who played a mash up of “I’m a Barbie Girl” and “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom” by the Venga Boys. It made me think: we’re not so different, you and I.

Thursday 23rd April

Miles: 0

We had been planning to take a day-trip to Spain, but we woke up to solid rain, so decided to postpone until the next day.

It cleared up during the afternoon, so we spent a quiet day at the beach and in the park, trying to get the free public wifi to work so that I could update the blog (see what you make me do blog!!) Although it’s great to have free wifi, the signal was pretty bad, and I had to sit in certain places and positions in order to get the job done. I didn’t try too hard at the beach, as I realised that sitting on a beautiful sandy beach in the south of France while staring madly at your iPad and scowling makes you a total ass.

Some nice pictures:

We also arrived at the supermarket too late, finding it closed, so ended up having to go out for dinner, which made Eric unaccountably angry (big rant about lack of convenience in France). He calmed down once he got a calzone. If the biggest problem of your day is that you are forced to go out for dinner… Life is really not that bad!! Is Eric becoming a travel diva?

Friday 24th April

Miles: 0

The sun appeared again today! Hooray! It was time to take our day trip to Hondarribia in Spain. From Handeye it was just a 5 minute ferry across the water and suddenly we were in a different country.  

The view of Spain from France:


And the view of France from Spain! 

 It felt like a different country too, as well as the obvious signposts all being in Spanish etc., all the shops looked different. They had a much more casual feel, as if people had decided to turn their spare rooms into convenience stores.

The high street had very pretty houses (once again in the distinct Basque style – tall, narrow, with painted beams of wood):

We wandered around, had a super-cheap Spanish lunch, and then it was back to lazing on the beach. After this we walked back to Handeye, and from there took the bus back to our apartment.

Our time in Saint-Jean-de-Luz was over already! It was a very laid-back break. We basically wandered around, ate and lay down. Time to get back on the bike…



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