Goodbye Bristol!

We have lived in Bristol since 2007 and have absolutely loved it! We are of course very excited to finally be off on our travels, but it was sad to say goodbye to everyone.

Here’s a few pics from our leaving party and my last day at work, plus a few more…

Great to see you again Classroom Video crowd!

Dee and Alan


Dwayne, Kate and Paul

Sorry AC, didn’t get a chance to take a picture with you!

Goodbye to all the lovely people at Jordan Publishing, here’s one of the marketing girls (outside a yurt where we’d just had some locally-sourced organic lunch – how Bristol of us).

Jordan Publishing marketing girls

Bye Mark and Lisa, thanks a lot for letting us store our things in your attic! I meant to take a picture with you when we last saw you but got distracted by all the pizza, so here’s an old one 🙂


Bye Sylvia and Andre, we’ll miss you loads! Hope you can come and see us sometime this summer.

Sylvia and Andre

Bye Steve.


As you couldn’t come to our leaving party I found an old photo.

Bye Bristol Bears and Made in Clifton… And Brizzle Chicks and Clifton Cats. Good luck with the next season (no more playing in the freezing rain… Ooh aren’t you lucky)!


And Eric would like to say goodbye to his friends who, like him, enjoy lifting things up and down.

imageI’m fairly sure he just wanted the world to know about this photo, and to admire his tiny head.

We also had to say our final goodbyes to Magnus and Atlas, who have found a new home with a very nice family.





And one more…



Bye Bristol, see you again at some point I’m sure.



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